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Become a Member of IMG-S TA6 CBRNe

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the IMG-S Network. Please take some time to let us understand your interests and how you can collaborate in this network. 

TA6 has the following remit: 

  • Provide technology solutions to the European Institutions;

  • Provide the IMG-S Synthesis and Coordination Group (SCG) with its recommendations for Research & Development (R&D) in the subject matter;

  • Propose project ideas to the SCG;

  • Prepare and endorse contributions as agreed with the SCG for recommendation to the Horizon Europe programme and European Defence Fund; and

  • Support the SCG with the European Institutions preparing and defining suitable programs and subjects for research in the field of CBRNE Technology and Systems.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Supporting Horizon Europe calls and European Defence Fund on technical issues that need RD&I funding;

  • Networking (e.g. access to the Security Meeting Industrial Group (SMIG) for forming teams);

  • Partnering opportunities relating to European Institutions RD&I and associated activities funding;

  • Access to valuable marketing opportunities;

  • Opportunity to mix with like-minded research and innovation companies, people & organisations;

  • Meetings with end-users,

  • Possible grant-aided RD&I, demonstrations and capability projects; and

  • Facilitation of knowledge transfer.


Who can join?

Any legal entity or expert with relevant knowledge in any of the IMG-S areas, willing to contribute to the activities of IMG-S and produce knowledge using their own resources.


About IMG-S

IMG-S is an open forum bringing together technology experts from Industry, SMEs, Research and Technology Organisations  (RTOs) and Academia.  It comprises several Technical Areas (TAs) aggregating unique expertise addressing specific challenges. With more than one hundred entities, it covers the entire security RTD domain and is able to bring an answer to European and global security needs. IMG-S aims to support the European Commission and its Member States to build world-class European technological capabilities. By defining research priorities for the security domain at all levels, from fundamental research to mission capabilities and system integration, IMG-S contributes to ensure that short, mid-term and long-term security needs are addressed.

How to become a Member of IMG-S TA6 CBRNE?

  • Please fill in the form below as a first step (Step 1)

  • The IMG-S TA6 CBRNe will come back to you with further information to be provided (Step 2)

  • If validated (Step 3), you will become a member of the CBRNe Community.     

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