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Internal Meetings


Integrated Mission Group for Security - Synthesis Coordination Group  


Integrated Mission Group for Security - Technical Area 6 CBRNe

External Meetings

SMI2G - Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G)

The SMI2G focuses on the features of Security Research Work Programmes with the view of exchanging information on the Security Research calls to stimulate networking and consortia building. The objective is to give the delegates the opportunity to create ideas and find partners for each open research call of the EU security research programme. 


The first meeting was held in 2004 with the first call of the preparatory action on Security Research (PASR). Today, the meetings attract over 400 delegates, representing SMEs, Practitioners, Research & Technology Organisations, Academia and Industry from all EU Member States and associated countries.

For the upcoming events, all delegates are invited to present their proposals and ideas for each topic of the Work Programme. Security practitioners are explicitly invited to present their specific needs and the delegates will have the opportunity to discuss their proposal ideas with the practitioners attending.

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